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HALO Business Community

What is HALO?

HALO stands for “Help A Leader Out,” with a purpose to educate companies and cultivate inclusion and diversity, while connecting globally. 

Remodista’s HALO Business Community brings together innovative leaders defining the future to connect with each other around the simple concept of "helping a leader out"––working through direct-to-consumer business opportunities and challenges, exploring predictions and trends (and their impact), and defining together entirely new businesses that are only becoming possible today––so that we can each take on more ambitious goals and projects, make connections that unlock immense value, and build relationships that inspire and energize each of us on our unique path.

Community Offerings

+ The HALO leadership community helps leverage collaboration to educate businesses about topics like business development, marketing, and industry predictions as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.

+ We use our research tools that share insights and learnings on-the-go in new, more digestible formats for today’s sophisticated buyer.

+ Follow or join HALO Channels that help us learn about the future of business. The Retail Channel, The Cannabis Channel, Purpose Fashion Channel, REFASHIOND Channel, The Blockchain Channel, AI Channel, and Workforce Innovation Channel are just a few.

+ Engage in the Women We Watch Channel where we celebrate, collaborate, innovate, and educate with our annual Women2Watch Program. We help women leaders learn to take credit for their work, which helps them move further up the career ladder.

+ Collaboration that leads to authentic connections with other leaders, revelations, and future-looking solutions that will impact (and have impacted) the future of business. 

+ Curated content is posted by influencers across industries and includes insights into business studies, reviews of tools, thoughts about industry news, and more.

+ Access to Collective Think Research Forum and Library. All of our raw data and research looking at the future of direct-to-consumer business goes into this secret channel in our community for the first six months.

+ Access to build or Mastermind Groups and our Leadership Development Courses for companies and individuals.

+ Access to create a Public Channel for companies and individuals.

HALO Channels

Follow our partner channels and navigate topics that don't have any easy or obvious answers with your peers.

How is community different than social networks?

In some ways, HALO is an attempt to isolate the parts of social interaction that we love the most, while avoiding the noise and turbulence in a shallow social network. Then we combine it with the new tools we built to create a community that solves business problems together, while developing thought leaders.

More of this:

  • connecting with your global peers
  • meeting new colleagues who share your same desire to understand the future
  • learning how to shape your thought leadership 
  • sharing useful information and experiences
  • having meaningful and authentic conversations
  • supporting and celebrating each others’ accomplishments

Less of this: 

  • scrolling past seemingly endless sponsored posts
  • the lack of authenticity and influencer culture
  • a one-way broadcast with only superficial interactions
  • the toxicity and the trolling
  • and, definitely, the ubiquitous distractions...

"Remodista provides a global community with HALO, where professionals are able to collaborate and ideate on innovative Retail and Technology solutions. I have already benefitted from the strong connections with individuals in this community.” ~Chau Banks, CTO, Revlon

"Working with Remodista means celebrating a shared belief that empowering female executives around the world leads to a healthier bottom line. We continue working with Remodista because they offer the highest quality connections and content in the industry. ” ~Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer, TUMI

“The Remodista Community is an amazing source of opportunities: from problem solving, to best practice in how to navigate business challenges, to referrals for partnerships, to career advice – the community is a source of inspiration in how to continually push the boundaries in retail.” ~Krissie Millan, Chief Marketing Officer, Flow Hydration

“The Remodista community has an amazing energy that just creates a comfortable and invigorating environment. It's unique and amazing! ”~Michelle Cordero Grant, Founder and CEO of Lively (acquired by WACOAL)

"The HALO community is an inspiring group of people where ideas are shared, globally! I am based in Australia yet am a huge part of this wonderful community." -Julie Mathers, Founder + CEO, Flora & Fauna

"If you spend any time in the HALO community you will quickly see that this is a different space, this is about being for one another; one person’s success is a success for all. HALO is the place where people can not only network but learn, grow, challenge and encourage one another to whatever each person’s next dream is." -Monica Tockstein, Head of ePMO + QA, Retailwinds

"Remodista’s ability to create this highly valuable community of focused leaders  is not only impressive but incredibly appreciated." -Parinda Muley, VP of Innovation + Business Development, Macy's 

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