HALO Help-A-Leader-Out

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What is the HALO?

HALO stands for “Help A Leader Out,” with a purpose to educate companies, cultivate underrepresented women leaders while connecting globally and reducing our carbon footprint. 

HALO brings together innovative leaders defining the future to connect with each other around the simple concept of "helping a leader out"––working through direct-to-consumer business opportunities and challenges, exploring predictions and trends (and their impact), and defining together new business models that are just becoming possible today––so that we can each take on more ambitious goals and projects, make connections that unlock immense value, and build relationships that inspire and energize each of us on our unique path. 

We are a Trusted Community as a Service (CaaS), which is different than Social Networks.

Community attracts its members through purpose. Here were are having deeper conversations over longer periods of time that allow us to master something new together. We combine it with the research tools we built to create community that solves business problems together while developing thought leaders. Unlike social networks, we do not have advertising, pop-ups, or banner ads, and we do not share your data. Your monthly subscription allows us to run our community which allows visionary leaders to collaborate and learn in a trusted space.

We invite other purpose-focused communities to live and grow in a channel, forum, or group within the HALO Business Community.

  • 700+ experts focused on the future of business who align with our purpose and have been collaborating with us to build our community for tomorrow that can also operate today.
  • 95% are women leaders who like to solve difficult challenges
  • Our roots are in direct-to-consumer retail commerce, but we have expanded our reach to include all industries looking to work directly with the customer, employees, partner, or your community.
  • Research and content have been tagged for the last decade looking at the future of business, innovation, and disruption through the eye of retail commerce.

More of this:

  • connecting with your global peers
  • show solidarity through action
  • meeting colleagues who seek to understand the future
  • learning how to shape your thought leadership 
  • sharing useful information and experiences
  • having meaningful and authentic conversations
  • supporting and celebrating each others’ accomplishments

Less of this: 

  • scrolling past seemingly endless sponsored posts
  • the lack of authenticity and influencer culture
  • a one-way broadcast with only superficial interactions
  • banner and pop-up ads


Community Member References

“We have a natural alignment through purpose and innovation and are thrilled to build, sell and grow our products focused on virtual, audio + video experiences under the wings of Remodista, Inc. " ~Ben Schieble, CEO, Elevate Sound Studio

"Working with Remodista means celebrating a shared belief that empowering female executives around the world leads to a healthier bottom line. We continue working with Remodista because they offer the highest quality connections and content in the industry. ” ~Charlie Cole, CEO, FTD

“The Remodista Community is an amazing source of opportunities: from problem-solving, to best practices in how to navigate business challenges, to referrals for partnerships, to career advice – the community is a source of inspiration in how to continually push the boundaries in retail.” ~Krissie Millan, Chief Marketing Officer, Flow Water

“The Remodista community has an amazing energy that just creates a comfortable and invigorating environment. It's unique and amazing! ”~Michelle Cordero Grant, Founder, and CEO of Lively (acquired by WACOAL)

"The HALO community is an inspiring group of people where ideas are shared, globally! I am based in Australia yet am a huge part of this wonderful community." -Julie Mathers, Founder + CEO, Flora & Fauna (acquired by BWX)

"Remodista’s ability to create this highly valuable community of focused leaders  is not only impressive but incredibly appreciated." -Parinda Muley, VP of eCommerce + Innovation, Richemont NA

Dreamers + Builders Welcome!